Hi there!

My name is Daniel Meneses. I am the proud Director of Keep Music, and father to my beautiful son born summer of 2016 alongside my most precious fiancé. I have been providing music lessons since the fall season of 2010, and have encountered a multitude of diversity amongst students. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and challenges only to succeed exponentially as musicians.

I studied music at both Cerritos College and Rio Hondo College completing the music programs available. With emphasis in classical and jazz theory, performance, and history, my education has prepared me to pass on musical understanding with a passion to those who never thought they could.

My approach to teaching is what I like to call “Applied Learning,” where we are less focused on musical formalities (although definitely used), and more focused on individual interests and needs. Simply put, I want my students to stay interested in learning their instrument, and lots of times primary formal instruction has the opposite effect. Each student as different as the next, together we learn to overcome challenges. We strive to keep music alive by guiding students to their highest selves as musicians.