Keep Music is very proud to join Awaken Arts in the fall 2016 program at Sunburst Youth Academy (October 29th through November 19th). The Academy is a military facility which at-risk teens voluntarily attend for a 6-month program. In those 6-months teens gain not only life skills that they’ve lacked due to unfortunate personal or family circumstances, but also a full year’s worth of high school credits in half the time. It is a very structured and positive environment. Awaken Arts does a 4-week program with over 200 students guided by about 40 mentors at the facility where students take on one of various mediums of art. The motto is “Create Together, Heal Together,” and that is exactly to be expected. Using multiple personally reflective techniques, these students explore their creativity and become inspired for greater things than they ever imagined.          


Will report back in 4-weeks.