Each individual student of ours is in complete control of where we begin our in-home lessons. It all depends on their prior understanding of music, and more specifically their instrument. No matter the diversity of students there is always somewhere new to begin.

Lessons for each available instrument go through the same cycle. In the beginning we learn the instrument; how it works, terms that describe it, and proper hand and body techniques. Next we learn the most basic concepts of music (tempo, rhythm, pitch, etc.), and how to mentally prepare and physically play simultaneously. Afterwards, our goal is to keep our students interested in learning; so we begin learning music of their tastes. Once they feel joyfully stimulated, we begin introducing more challenging pieces, concepts, and techniques. Students at this point are decently educated in their instrument, and may begin exploring their own creativity.

The journey within this cycle lasts a lifetime for students who never stop learning. We take this basic format, apply it with every student, and keep recycling through to reach new heights and skill levels. Our most valuable goal is assisting students to see and, most importantly, feel connected with their instrument.

Lessons offered: